Come to a Crisis Relief ‘Experience’crisis-1

on Sunday 11th December 2016 at St Christopher’s Church

also on Friday 9th December for local school children

What is this Crisis Relief Experience?

Visitors are invited to enter into a short practical understanding of some of the trials of having to leave their homes and belongings – and to enter into a new world of temporary accommodation, overcrowding, hunger, and dependence on others.

This is a chance for us this Christmas to comprehend some of the issues for those caught up in a crisis and to appreciate what is done to help by helpers and workers for the Charities who seek to provide care, food, safety, and support.

Everyone is welcome to spend a short time to experience and more deeply comprehend the plight of others. The objective is to share the worldwide need of hospitality, love and concern for those in great need particularly at Christmas and to remember that Jesus said we are ‘ to love our neighbour as ourselves’.

crisis-2The Crisis Relief Experience will be open for visitors on Sunday 11th December

10.00am Morning Service – ‘Who is my neighbour’ with an opportunity to visit the Experience afterwards

6.00pm ‘No room’ Informal Carol for all Event including Stourfield Junior School Choir and Direct Theatre School.  There will be an opportunity to visit the Experience afterwards.  (Please bring your torches)

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