Well – we live in difficult times! How do we do church when we can’t meet? It seems impossible. But Jesus himself said – where two or three are gathered in my name, I will be there. So how do we gather if we can’t gather? Well – how about “virtually” gathering? 
What we are going to try and do is keep a stream of news, prayers, thoughts, sermons, experiences filtering through email, our Facebook page – even by paper. And it would be wonderful if we could all join in – like we do when we arrive at St Christopher’s on Sunday.
At the moment we are all like little islands all cut off from one another. Maybe we can almost see each other but it’s not the same. So what we need is a bridge. A bridge from your island to the next island and then a bridge from that island to the next one. In fact we need a bridge on every island so we can all be connected like we usually are.
So all the communication will be under the banner: The Bridge and when you see an email or post on Facebook – it’s the Bridge working. But it will need you too. So perhaps you can join in and send your prayers, thoughts, experiences, stories and share. 

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